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Embarking on a medical journey to Medellin, Colombia, has never been more accessible, thanks to the expertise of MDE Care. For those curious about the individuals who choose to fly to Medellin for medical or aesthetic care, let’s delve deeper into the essential details.

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Airlines and Frequencies

MDE Care collaborates with major airlines to ensure a seamless travel experience. From the United States, renowned carriers such as Delta, American Airlines, and Avianca operate frequent flights to Medellin. With multiple flights available each day, medical travelers benefit from flexibility in scheduling their journeys. Additionally, Bogotá serves as a key international gateway, with various connecting flights to Medellin.

Ticket Prices

The cost of round-trip tickets varies based on factors like departure city, travel dates, and booking times. On average, ticket prices range from $500 to $1,200 USD, making Medellin an affordable yet high-quality medical tourism destination. MDE Care assists patients in securing the best available rates, ensuring a cost-effective travel experience.

Flight Duration to Medellin

Explore the table below for an overview of flight durations from major U.S. cities to Medellin:

CityAirlineDuration (h:m)
Ciudad de MéxicoAeroméxico, VivaAerobus, Volaris3:45
BogotaAvianca, LATAM3:30
LimaAvianca, LATAM3:30
QuitoAvianca, LATAM5:00
CaracasAvianca, Conviasa5:00
MiamiAmerican Airlines, Avianca, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines4:30
Nueva YorkAmerican Airlines, Avianca, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines7:00
LisboaTAP Air Portugal9:00
ParisAir France10:30
LondonBritish Airways9:30

International Airline Connections to Medellin

For those considering Medellin as their medical destination, Bogotá acts as a significant international hub. Numerous connecting flights are available from Bogotá to Medellin, facilitating convenient access for medical travelers from various parts of the world.

MDE Care takes pride in offering comprehensive assistance with flight arrangements. By partnering with reputable airlines and leveraging international connections, we ensure that medical travelers reach Medellin efficiently.

Ready to embark on your transformative healthcare journey? Experience the convenience of accessible flights, and let MDE Care be your trusted companion in navigating the path to wellness in Medellin.”

CityAirlineDuration (h:m)Scale
AtlantaDelta Air Lines7:45Atlanta
BostonAmerican Airlines8:45Miami
ChicagoUnited Airlines8:30Houston
DallasAmerican Airlines8:30Miami
Los ÁngelesDelta Air Lines10:45Atlanta
MiamiAmerican Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines4:30Miami
Nueva YorkAmerican Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines7:00Miami
OrlandoSpirit Airlines9:30Miami
San FranciscoUnited Airlines11:45Los Ángeles
Washington, D.C.United Airlines8:45Houston

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